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If you are involved in a family law case, you are likely facing one of the most stressful times of your life. Lindsey Sharp and Deborah Dye are attorneys who strive to provide compassionate representation and the highest level of service to our clients. The Sharp & Dye team has extensive experience in all areas of family law. We apply this experience to matters involving divorce, child custody, child support, spousal support, cases involving temporary protective orders, and much more. We are proud to provide our clients with quality representation at a price they can afford.



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Free Resource

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Latest Blogs

Latest Blogs

Does the 20/20/20 Rule Apply To You?

If there is a way to abbreviate or shorten something, the military will find it. The 20/20/20 rule is a quick way to explain military divorce. Why would there be confusion with a military divorce? Because service members are entitled to certain retirement bene …

Learn How To Improve Communication With Your Former Spouse

Despite how badly you and your former spouse disagree, it will save you time and money to improve your communication skills. Both people need to come to the table open to discussion.  People tend to react in terms of what they are given. I.e., if you are comba …



Hi. I want to highly recommend Ms. Lindsey Sharp. I have an 11 year case pending and have been through a half a dozen lawyers. Lindsey Sharp is the entire package. Her entire firm gives you the full attention you need. My case was a child custody case and she is the only lawyer that took the time to…
Stacey Kossiver
When I was looking for a Family Law Attorney, I wanted one that knew the law, would aggressively represent me and fight to protect my interests. When I met with the Lindsey Sharp Deborah Dye, I knew I found the law office I was looking for. They offered great legal advice and thoroughly explained h…
Tacuma Brown
Lindsey Sharp is by far the most honest, compassionate and hard-working attorney I have ever dealt with. She is very thorough and makes you feel like you are the only case she has. I have never felt rushed, my feelings have always been taken into consideration, and the well being of my family was al…
Cindy Dalessandro
I’ve read the other reviews and, let’s be honest, when you’re searching for a lawyer who has trust, honesty, knowledge, passion, and cares about its clients I think we’re skeptical. I hired another firm and worked with them for almost two years before closing my divorce on my own. When I needed to…
Howie Lewis
I am seriously glad for my choosing Ms. Sharp to represent my family’s needs!! She listens attentively, is caring and compassionate, and offered me the very best deal possible for representation, I know this and have priced around! Am so very grateful for her help, encouragement, and support at this…
Lori Schwartz
I describe Ms. Sharp to my friends and family as a “bulldog” in the courtroom. By all appearances, she looks to be non-threatening and subtle, yet don’t let her blond hair and complexion fool you. Ms. Sharp is not only well versed and knowledgeable of case law, statutes and courtroom politics, but s…
Melissa Piotter
Deborah Dye is hands down the best family law attorney around. She was recommended to me by a law firm out of Gainesville. I have never dealt with an attorney and/or the courts before. Deborah Dye was always there for me to answer difficult questions and/or concerns I may have. She was very passiona…
Zachery Rowin Davis
After years of using Lindsey’s services finally come to a close for me, I have to commend her for not being just another attorney. I had 3 attorneys before someone referred me to Lindsey’s practice. Let this review serve as reference for you to skip the heartache and struggle of utilizing other coun…
Sylvia T.
I highly recommend Ms. Sharp. She and her team are absolutely excellent! They went above and beyond to help resolve my case. Ms. Sharp was very compassionate and knowledgeable. She helped me win everything I wanted in my divorce. I loved the app they used to communicate and provide my documents to m…
Jen Zimmerman
2013 I hired a divorce attorney while stationed in Afghanistan, which made my situation much worse for getting custody of my son upon return. He had me agree to a bad deal which has made it almost impossible to legally recover from. I soon after found and hired Ms. Sharp and she has been nothing but…
Kyle Marsh
I would highly recommend Ms. Lindsey Sharp. Her firm provided excellent service! Thank you Lindsey for all your hard work!
Cindy Nix
I met with Ms. Sharp a couple of weeks ago and was extremely impressed. She is professional, knowledgeable and highly skilled in the field that I retained her for. I’m going through a really rough time in my life and the care and compassion that she showed were above and beyond my expectations. I…
Marie Williams
Ms. Sharp has worked 2 difficult years of divorce with me & we won. She has been so patient and understanding, even though at times I felt lost, emotional and so stressed. But her love for detail, her calm demeanor, and her confidence in what she does make her an excellent family law attorney. It wa…
Carmen Karagoez
Excellent legal advice. Lindsey really listens and understands the issues. I would not hesitate to hire her again. While using an attorney is never inexpensive, Ms. Sharp’s advice and help was indispensable and worth the costs. Pick your attorney carefully. I did.
John Williams
Lindsey and her staff did a great job. She stuck with me through a long and difficult divorce process. Negotiated a fair settlement to a long term marriage. Lindsey is smart, professional, and gave me great advice. Most importantly helped me navigate very complicated issues. All appointments were t…
Joe N.
Lindsey has helped me tremendously with my case and has been there through the process of my case. She is knowledgeable of the laws that would help me and I would have not asked for a better lawyer.
Jody Essa
I consulted with Lindsey for the first time on a Tuesday for a hearing on Friday. I presented her with my case, and with only two days to prepare, she was able to locate the applicable rules of law, presented it perfectly to the judge and secured me a favorable outcome. It turns out it was a blessin…
Wayne Williams
Lindsey Sharp is representing me in a family matter dealing with two infant children of mine. She was very compassionate to my situation and was extremely knowledgeable about the factual basis of law dealing with my issue. There are tons of lawyers out there that promise you this and that, but reall…
I know Lindsey Sharp personally, She is an excellent attorney who works hard to get her clients the best possible results. I know she goes way beyond the value of a retainer in working for her clients. Criminal and Civil Law is very complex, and if you find yourself in the litigation world you will…
Dave Gardner
I can not say enough wonderful things about Lindsey Sharp. She worked very hard on my divorce and was always available to me. Thanks to Lindsey I am happier I ever been. If I ever need a lawyer again I would not hesitate to call on Lindsey again for her professional services.
Claudia Keenan
I am very pleased with the firm’s staff and Attorneys. They have assisted me with impeccable service dignity and concern. Beyond helpful and patient. Takes the time to respond promptly to my questions and concerns. You simply receive unwavering support and legal advice and representation. Deborah…
Jeff Foss
I was represented by Deborah Dye for a family law case. I was immediately impressed with her at the first meeting. She handled my case in a very expert manner and was extremely detail-oriented. Whenever I had questions for her, she was extremely quick with her replies. Deborah is very knowledgeable,…
Michael M.
This is an amazingly talented, knowledgeable, compassionate attorney. Ms. Sharp not only went out of her way to accommodate my work schedule, but took extra time to thoroughly explain in layman’s terms my situation, options, and the best logical strategy. She carefully explained, without invalidat…
Yvette L

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