Considering Divorce? Why Ending Your Marriage Might be the Best New Year’s Resolution

If you have been struggling in your marriage for some time it can be hard to make that decision to actually move forward with a divorce. Finding the perfect time to make this move is really impossible, but for many couples, filing for divorce in January just makes sense. In fact, January has informally been called ‘divorce month’ for many years. This is because the number of divorce filings goes up significantly starting in January. There are many reasons why this just makes sense. Read through the following factors to see if ending your marriage might be the best New Year’s resolution you can get.

Getting Through the Holidays

The biggest reason why couples decide to file for divorce in January is because they want to get through the holidays. This is especially true if they have children. The last thing you want to do is stain the holiday season with the stress and difficulty that can come with a divorce. This will also let your kids have one last Christmas with everyone together.  Another factor that contributes to this is all of the holiday stress. A couple that was already struggling may find that the challenges of the holiday season just put them over the edge, prompting them to finally file when January comes around. 

Making Taxes Simpler

When you wait until January to file for divorce, it will typically be easier to deal with your taxes. The previous year you would obviously file as a married couple, and for the new year you would file separately. While this may not be a huge consideration, taking one more point of contention off your plate will definitely be appealing.

Starting Out Fresh

The biggest reason for many couples is not really going to be strictly practical, but it is just as important. The new year represents fresh starts, which is exactly what divorcing couples need. Whether you file for divorce in January, someone moves out and you become legally separated, or both of these things, you will be taking a major step toward a fresh start in your life.

We are Here to Help

Whatever the reasons you want to file for divorce this year, it is important that you work with an experienced attorney who can help you throughout the process. We will be happy to discuss your specific situation and help you to protect the legal rights of you and your family. Contact Sharp Dye Attorneys at Law to schedule a consultation and make this New Year’s resolution one that will help make your entire future brighter.

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