Five Tips for Living Your Best Life Post-Divorce

People often focus on the heartbreak and difficulty of divorce, but today we want to draw some attention to the brighter side of things. If you’re getting a divorce — whether it’s because you want it or because your spouse insists — it means your marriage was not the joyous, invigorating bond that you both imagined it would be when you said your I do’s. And that’s a sad thing to have to accept! But getting out of an unhappy marriage is something to be celebrated. It is an opportunity to start fresh and to build a new life that will make you happier than your old one ever did. Read on to discover the Sharp & Dye team’s top five tips for living your best life post-divorce.

  1. Don’t listen to arbitrary timelines about your “recovery.”

Healing from a divorce is different for everyone. Many articles and reports claim to have some sort of knowledge of how long it should take you to stop thinking about your ex, how long it should take you to settle into new routines, when you should move on and start dating again. Don’t listen to any of it! The truth is, everyone is different. Whether you heal lightning fast or slower than you thought imaginable, you are normal and it is fine. Don’t worry about timelines. 

  1. Practice self-love.

Remember all that love you were pouring into another person? Now it’s time to pour it into yourself. Go to yoga. Take the long hike you’ve been dreaming of and watch the sunset from the top of the mountain. Invest in a new outfit that makes you feel special. Read a book. Listen to your favorite music. Many people that report they were surprised to feel a renewed sense of self-confidence and self-worth following a divorce. Embrace it!

  1. Try something new.

Have you always been fascinated by the idea of learning a new language, but your spouse thought it was silly and wouldn’t go with you so you never tried? Sign up for that Spanish class right away! This time is about doing what you want, with nobody holding you back! Whether it’s pottery, surfing, horseback riding, ballroom dancing, or anything else under the sun, go out there and try something new.

  1. Accept support.

Your friends and family want to support you during this time. It doesn’t make you weak to accept an invitation to coffee, or a game night. The people who love you will be just as willing to help you through your struggles as to help you plan for an exciting, happy future. Leaning on your support system can take a giant weight off your shoulders. 

It’s also a good idea to schedule some therapy sessions. A therapist can help you process your feelings in a positive way, and can teach you ways to ease your transition into your new life. It’s also valuable to have a safe place to feel your feelings and know you’ll be guided in handling them in a productive way.

  1. Partner with a compassionate and tenacious divorce attorney.

An experienced divorce attorney can help you make sure the divorce process doesn’t drag on and on, so that you are better able to move on with your life. If you’re seeking smart and savvy representation, look no further. Contact Sharp & Dye at (321) 951-7600.

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